Donna Doty

Baby In The Basement

Baby In The Basement
by Donna Doty

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    A baby born in a dark dirty place wakes up: shivering, alone, abandon. It cries its first cries from a dirt hole in the pitch black. It does not know its mother's love will come back for it. . .  even from from the grave.

    The 1950s have a reputation for being "happy days" but for eight boys mourning the death of their mother they are very dark days.

    Mattie Thomas did not expect to die. She certainly did not expect her sister's betrayal; and nobody expected Mattie to "stay" in the house.


by Donna Doty


Marleen and Carla loved each other and they both were in love with the same man. A freak twist of phenomena had gifted them with an ability to move their minds, at will, out of their own bodies and into the body of the other. In one body they shared their reason for living: his name was Earl. He was Marleen's husband and Carla's lover.

 Using one body they could function in the business world without anyone knowing the true nature of their relationship. For a while the multiple possession of one body was wonderful, but enslaved by their passion for Earl, they neglected their gift and one day found themselves trapped in a body with no way out.

 From free choice to imprisonment, from ecstasy to horror, I welcome my reader to share in their strange and fascinating tale.