Donna Doty

Donna Doty, author of  "Baby In The Basement"  and   "Marla" 

    I have heard it said that writers are born writers, they have no choice. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn into the world of make beleive. I love to write; it is like day dreaming yourself into a story with imaginary charactors you get to color.

    There is joy in the art of self entertainment.  It is a blessing to be be busy at living.  I write for fun and I hope my readers have as much fun reading my books as I had creating them. 

    I was born in California and have lived here all my life. My life is a gift full of grandchildren, horses, ponies, dogs, cats, friends and family.  I pray that I never forget how lucky I am and that I will always be willing to do the right thing.